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    Darlene O'Neal
    City Clerk
    Mission Statement
    The mission of the City Clerk's Office is to facilitate the City Commission's Official Meetings and Board/Commission Appointments; to manage and preserve the official records of the City; to assist the public in accessing public documents and information; to conduct all elections held in the City; to register voters; to license businesses that are governed by the City Ordinance/State law; and to provide these services in a manner that is high quality, efficient, fair and courteous.

    Main Office, City Hall - 2nd Floor
    300 Monroe Avenue NW

    Grand Rapids MI  49503
    Phone: (616) 456-3010 

    Fax: (616) 456-4607
    General email Inquiries:

    Community Archives and Research Center
    233 Washington Street SE

    Grand Rapids MI  49503
    Phone: (616) 456-4127

    Fax: (616) 456-4411


    Application for an absent voter's ballot

    November 4, 2014 Sample Ballot

    Am I A Registered Voter/View My Sample Ballot/Where Is My Polling Location?


    snowflakeLicensed Snowplow Companies 2014-2015snowflake

    In the City of Grand Rapids


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