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    The Better Government Tip Line


    See It. Report It. Fix It.

    Welcome to the City of Grand Rapids Comptroller's Better Government Tip Line. The City is committed to promoting and achieving cost effective service delivery. In order to be successful, we need to identify and eliminate inefficient work practices as well as end any deliberate misuse of City resources, assets, and property. If you have knowledge of such activities, please report your concerns by calling the tip line at 616-456-4500.  Your call will be anonymous. 
    What we review (see the table below for examples):
    • Illegal activities such as theft, fraud, kickbacks, price fixing, or conflict of interest by City employees and its contractors
    • Misuse or abuse of City property, including City buildings, vehicles, equipment, or City time by City employees
    • Gross misconduct or inefficiencies by City employees
    What we do not review (see the table below for examples):
    • Improper activities by other City, County, State, or Federal employees or entities
    • Improper activities by private parties not related to City government
    • Misuse or abuse of services provided to individuals by the County, State, or Federal government 
    Other agencies to contact:
    Grand Rapids Police Non-emergencies: 616-456-3400

    Streets & Sanitation: to report potholes, missed refuse, missed recycle, missed yard waste: 616-456-3232 or 311

    Housing Code Violations: 616-456-3053 or 311

    Medicare Fraud: 1-800-447-8477

    Medicaid Fraud: 1-800-242-2873

    Welfare Fraud: 1-800-222-8558

    Consumer Protection Complaint Directory

    Child abuse or neglect

    This Tip Line is for Reporting:
    This Tip Line is NOT for Reporting:
    • Suggestions to improve work flow processes
    • Contractor waste of resources paid for by the City
    • Theft of cash, equipment, supplies, materials
    • The use of any City owned supplies, equipment or property for personal use
    • Record falsification
    • Personal long distance phone calls without paying for them
    • Payroll fraud
    • A City owned vehicle left idling for an extended period of time
    • Contractor fraud
    • Sleeping on the job
    • Intentional misuse of City equipment or property
    • Kickbacks or bribes
    • Anything you believe involves the misuse of City property and resources
    • Emergencies. If you have an emergency, then call 911
    • Labor relations issues including but not limited to  discrimination and harassment. If you have allegations of discrimination or harassment, then please call Labor Relations at 456.3113
    • Sewer backup
    • Water backup
    • Potholes
    • Missed refuse, recycling, or lawn waste
    • Graffiti
    • Dead animals
    • Housing code violations
    • Unemployment fraud
    • Food stamp fraud
    • State welfare fraud
    • Medicare/Medicaid fraud
      • Any other issue that has nothing to do with the misuse of City resources