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         City Comptroller 
    Sara Vander Werff, JD.
    The Office of the City Comptroller was created as the City's audit department in the 1916 charter revision. Today, the Office serves as the City's accounting office. We are located on the 7th floor of City hall and have fifteen full-time employees working in four service areas:
    1.  Internal Auditor: Maintains financial controls and procedures. The Auditor does site visits in City departments for inventory control and petty cash. 
    2. Payroll: Process and audit payroll and W-2's for wages earned by employees.
    3. Accounts Payable: Audits invoices for accuracy and proper authorization before issuing payments to vendors.  
    4. Accounting Services: Conduct financial reconciliation and reporting for all City funds.  Perform annual audit and financial systems administration. This department maintains financial reporting, forecasting and control. 

    Mission & Responsibilities

    Our mission is to provide high quality, efficient services to the citizens of Grand Rapids as well as within the City government while ensuring the integrity of the systems in which the City operates. Major responsibilities of our office include:
    • Prepare the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
    • Provide monthly budget reporting
    • Audit government services
    • Issue and sign checks paying all the City’s bills including payroll
    • Keep an accurate and detailed record of all funds of the city
    • Report the City’s finances to the City Commission
    • Monitor and account for grants and capital assets
    • Provide financial systems support and training


    Office of the City Comptroller | 300 Monroe Avenue NW | Grand Rapids, MI 49503 | 616.456.3189 |
    CAFR 2017 - PDF version.pdfCAFR 2017 - PDF version.pdf