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    ​Rental/Vacant Property Registration Instructions

    Existing Online Users

    1- Login to Citizen Access

    (Don't have a Citizen Access account? Click here.)

    2- Once Logged in, click on the "Registration" Tab​

    ​3- The Owner Record number(s) (Z-OWNER-XXXXX) associated to your user account will be listed. Click the "Amendment" link to the right of the "Z-OWNER" record you wish to update.

    For information and instructions on how to update/manage multiple "Z-OWNER" records or to add a new "Z-OWNER", click here.


    ​4- Review the Owner and Manager's contact information by either using the scroll bar at the bottom or by clicking on the link under the owner/manager's name.

    For instructions on how to link to a new owner, click here.

    Existing User 3 2016.JPG

    ​5- To add a new property manager, delete the prior manager by using the "delete" button.  Then click add new.  Add the new Manager's information by clicking either "Select from account" or "Add New".  Once completed, click "Save and Close" and then choose Continue.

    Select from Account: pulls in the information from the user's login.

    Add New- Allows the user to enter information not associated with the user's login.

    Existing User 4 2016.JPG

    ​6- Review the rental/vacant properties associated to you.  Choose Actions > Edit to change the status of the property.  OR check the box next to the record and click "Edit Status of Selected Property".

    Edit any information pertaining to the property's status along with any relevant comments (i.e., sold on Land Contract to John Doe on 1/1/11, will be vacant for 8-10 months, etc).


    ​7- To add/associate a new property to the property owner's registration, select "Add Property"

    HINT: To add multiple properties, click the down arrow and choose how many properties you wish to add.

    Fill out the required information about the property and click Submit.  Once completed adding, editing and reviewing the properties, click Continue.

    ​8- Review the information, read the disclaimer, check the box, and click continue.  You will receive a message indicating your registration has been submitted.  Once submitted, your registration will be reviewed and accepted by staff.