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    Rental/Vacant Property Registration Instructions 

    First-time Online Users

    Printable Instructions

    1- Login to Citizen Access.  If you don't have a Citizen Access account Click Here​
    2- ​Once logged in to Citizen Access, click on the "Registration" Tab and then click on "Create Property Registration" link.
    ​3- Read and Agree to the Terms. 

    4- Add the Owner and Manager Information by clicking either "Select from Account" or "Add New"

    Select from Account: pulls in the information from the user's login.

    Add New: Allows the user to enter information not associated with the user's login

    NOTE: Do not complete the "Registered Manager" section if the manager and owner information is the same.


    5- List your rental property(ies) by clicking "Add a Row" and filling out the required information.  Once a row is created, you can edit or delete the information.

    ​6- Finish by adding any vacant properties and/or properties sold by adding rows under each section.  Once finished, click Continue.

    ​7- Enter the owner and, if applicable, manager's date of birth.  Also indicate whether or not the owner's mailing address is the same as his/her home address (i.e., in the case of PO Boxes, etc.).

    Read the disclaimer, initial the approval, type your name into the signature box, and click continue.

    Review the information you've submitted and click continue.  You will receive a message indicating that your registration has been submitted.  Once submitted, your registration will be reviewed and accepted by staff.