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    Tall Grass or Trash in Yard: Online process for submitting complaints concerning trash in yard, grass over 12 inches high, or other hazardous/poor exterior yard conditions. Tall grass/weed complaints are only accepted during the "growing" season.  Code Compliance is responsible for determining when these types of complaints are accepted which is typically from May through October, depending on the weather.

    Backyard Chicken Complaints: Online process for submitting complaints concerning backyard chickens and the Backyard Chicken Ordinance. 

    Private Property Complaints: Online processing of private property concerns allows multiple complaint types to be submitted through a single online process.  This option provides an opportunity to report private property concerns for further inspections in regards to the following areas:

     Property Maintenance

    • Housing Maintenance
    • Yard Maintenance

    • Unsecured Vacant Buildings

    • Inoperable Vehicle(s) on Private Property

    • Commercial Building Maintenance

    • Zoning


    • Building

    • Electrical

    • Mechanical

    • Plumbing

    • Soil Erosion

    Public Sidewalks

    • Disrepair

    • Snow Removal

    For a detailed guide on how to submit and track property complaints, please refer to the Online Property Complaint Guidebook.