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    First-Time Homebuyer

     Information on this page helps answer the following questions: 

    • How do I locate a home?
    • I've selected a home. How am I going to pay for it?
    • I've signed my mortgage. What do I need to prepare for move-in?
    Existing Homeowner

    This page shows where to get help with home maintenance and/or repair.

    Fair Housing 

    Information about your housing rights and organizations to contact if you believe your rights have been violated.

    Other Questions/Information

    How do I find out who owns a property?
    The easiest way to find out who owns a property is through the City Assessor's Office. You can get the name and address of the last owner on record by either looking on-line in the Property Tax and Assessment records, or calling the Assessor's Office at 456-3081. (If the property is a vacant lot without an address, get the addresses on both sides of the lot before you call).

    How do I acquire City-owned property?
    For information about acquiring a City owned property, contact the City's Economic Development Office at 456-3197. Please be prepared to provide the address and parcel number of the property when calling. (You can get the parcel number from the City of Grand Rapids Assessor's Office).  Information pertaining to the purchase of City owned property is also available on the Economic Development Office's web site.

    What is the name and phone number of my Neighborhood Association?
    The Community Research Institute at Grand Valley State University maintains a list of Neighborhood Associations throughout the city of Grand Rapids. Click on Neighborhood Associations in the menu list for a map and contact information.

    I would like to buy a home. Where should I begin?
    100 Questions and Answers About Buying a New Home