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    Beginning July 5, 2009, Michigan Law requires all lenders to work with homeowners to avoid foreclosure.

    If you have missed one or more payments, follow the steps below:

    1. Open all mail from your lender. You will receive a notice in the mail stating your RIGHT to work with your lender and a housing counselor.

    2. Call a certified, non-profit housing counselor or your local legal aid office as soon as you receive the notice. You will have 14 days from the date the notice was mailed to contact a housing counselor or your local legal aid office:

    • In Kent County, homeowners should call:
                 HOME REPAIR SERVICES
                 616-241-2601 ext. 0
    ALL homeowners will receive free help, regardless of income level.

    • Other agencies providing assistance in the state include:
                 State of Michigan Save the Dream     866-946-7432
                 HOPE Hotline                                       888-995-HOPE (4673)
                 United Way                                         2-1-1
                 MI Foreclosure Prevention Project

    3. Once you’ve contacted a housing counselor, you will have 90 days to work with your lender to work out an agreement on your loan.  (The law determines eligibility.  There will be homeowners who are not eligible for a modification under the law because they just don't have enough income.)

    Beware of foreclosure scams.
    • ALWAYS contact a HUD or State of Michigan certified housing counselor for highly qualified, free help.
    • ALWAYS contact your local legal aid office for free legal aid.
    • NEVER pay a fee in exchange for help working with your lender.