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    Building Inspections Forms
    Land Use Development Services (LUDS) Forms
    Planning Department Forms
    Fire Department Forms
    Plan Checklists


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    Building Inspections Forms and Applications

    • Building Permit Application
      • PDF
      • Required to obtain a building permit to perform work under the Michigan Building Code.
    • Building Plan Review Attachment
      • PDF
      • Must be attached to the building permit application for multi-family (3+ units), commercial, industrial, institutional, or mixed use building projects.
    • Building Plan Transmittal Form
      • PDF
      • Required to be submitted with all permits, addendums, and revisions to clarify the purpose and content of submitted documents.
    • Building Permit Application For 1-2 Family Dwellings
    • Commercial Building Permit Application - Change of Use
      • Permit applications for a Change of Use permit may be submitted online.  A Change of Use permit may only be used when the commercial use is changing from one permitted use to another and no construction related activity is required i.e. building, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing work.
      • Change of Use: Apply Online | PDF
    • Energy Code Worksheet Attachment
      • PDF
      • Required for all new residential construction and additions
    • Zoning Information Attachment
      • PDF
      • Must be attached to the building permit application for a residential garage, carport, shed, deck, pool/hot tub, or wall.
    • Building Permit Fee Estimator
      • Link to the building permit fee calculator.  Estimates the permit and review fee (if applicable) for a project based upon its construction cost.  Note: Flat fees apply to re-roofing, re-siding, decks, and pools. 
    • Building Inspections Fee Schedule
      • Complete list of all City Commission authorized fees for construction code administration.
    • Building Permit Process
      • Guide to the Building Inspections permitting process, including purpose, applications, plan review, and inspections.
    • Electrical Permit Application
    • Mechanical Permit Application
    • Plumbing Permit Application
    • Demolition Permit Application
      • Apply Online | PDF
      • Required to obtain a permit to demolish a residential or commercial structure.  Must be accompanied by a copy of the contractor's liability insurance policy.  A permit will not be issued until all utilities have been confirmed off and a surety bond has been provided to the Development Center equal to the cost of the demolition.  An overview of the demolition process and requirements is available here.
    • Contractor Registration/Licensing/Exam Forms
    • Barrier Free Design Exemption Application
    • Barrier Free Design Complaint Form

    Land Use Development Services (LUDS)

    • LUDS Instructions
      • PDF  |  Instructions for completing LUDS forms and an explanation of the Land Use Development Services program.
    • LUDS Plan Review Application
      • Required to initiate the LUDS plan review and permitting process for new multi-family (3+ units), commercial, industrial, institutional, and mixed-use buildings; additions to such buildings; major site work including parking lots; and other projects.  While single-family and two family residential projects typically are exempt from this application, it is required for all new buildings and additions located in a flood plain, or within 500 feet of a water body or wetland.  Only one LUDS permit is required to cover the scope of the project.
      • Site Development (i.e. Building or Parking Lot) Apply Online | PDF
      • Soil Erosion Control (i.e. usually for residential projects) Apply Online | PDF
      • Right of Way (i.e. Soil Erosion Control in the Right of Way) Apply Online | PDF
      • Zoning/Planning Compliance (i.e. other compliance requirements) Apply Online | PDF
    • Temporary Occupancy Permit Application
      • Apply Online | PDF
      • Required to obtain a permit to use City streets or sidewalks for construction-related activities.  May be submitted on its own or attached to a LUDS Plan Review Application.
    • Director Review Attachment
      • PDF
      • Planning Director Review is administered as part of LUDS plan review to streamline the process for project compliance with the Grand Rapids Zoning Ordinance. This form is required for projects that require Planning Director review under the Zoning Ordinance, including but not limited to, the following: Projects previously approved by the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, or City Commission; Director Review uses in Article 9 and permitted uses in Article 7 the Zoning Ordinance; minor changes to an existing Planned Redevelopment District (PRD) and Planned Unit Development (PUD). Exceptions include construction, alterations, and improvements to 1-family and 2-family projects, which are handled as Counter Reviews.
    • Supplemental Permit Data Form
      • PDF
      • Required for the City to validate a LUDS permit document.  Need not be submitted with a LUDS Plan Review Application.
    • LUDS Fee Schedule
      • PDF
      • Fee schedule authorized by resolution of the Grand Rapids City Commission.
    • Stormwater Operator Inspection Log
      • PDF
      • Required to be submitted to the Development Center by the Certified Stormwater Operator for a project within 24 hours of a precipitation event, and once per week.
    • Ownership Transfer
      • PDF | Word
      • In the event of a property transfer, pursuant to Section 9112 of Part 91, SESC, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended, this form must be completed by the property transferor, signed by the transferor and transferee, and submitted to the City of Grand Rapids before the property is transferred.​

    Planning Department

    Commission and Board Information

    Planning Department Applications

    • Sign Permit Application
      • Required for a sign permit to install a sign under the Michigan Building Code and the City's Zoning Ordinance.
    • Fence Permit Application
      • Required to construct a fence 30 inches or more in height.
    • Residential Accessory Structure Permit Application (Under 200 sq ft)
      • Required to construct an accessory structure (i.e. shed) under 200 square feet in size on a residential property.  For larger accessory structures, apply for a building permit.
    • Driveway Permit Application
      • Required to construct a new driveway, expand an existing driveway, or resurface an existing driveway.  New driveways also require a sidewalk permit. 


    Fire Department Forms

    • Fire Safety for Construction
      • PDF
      • Guidelines for temporary heating equipment, general precautions against fire, flammable and combustible liquids, owner's responsibility for fire protection, access for fire fighting, means of egress, water supply for fire protection, portable fire extinguishers, and motorized equipment.
    • Hot Work Program
      • To properly control the hazards of cutting, welding, and other hot work the Grand Rapids Fire Department has established a comprehensive Hot Work Program.
    • Fire Alarm Registration
    • False Fire Alarm Ordinance
      • PDF
      • The City of Grand Rapids ordinance establishing requirements to register fire alarm systems and penalties for false alarms.