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    607 Dewey Rendering

    August 4, 2008, the City of Grand Rapids Brownfield Authority approved a plan amendment for a brownfield redevelopment project at 607 Dewey, NW. The project will be a continuation of investment made by others in the area, including Jonathan Rooks and Bob Isreals. But, what does that mean? It means, 607 Dewey, NW will be getting a much needed face-lift.

    607 Dewey, LLC’s owner, True North, would like to relocate its headquarters from Belmont, Michigan to this downtown location. By occupying the newly constructed third floor, the redevelopment will provide an opportunity for True North to showcase its architectural, construction and development capabilities, in close proximity of I-196. Located in an area of Northwest Grand Rapids that is a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial land uses, the newly approved brownfield redevelopment plan includes construction of a 3rd story on the existing two-story structure, renovations to bring it up to code and improvements to the parking area. The $1.9 million project will bring 12 professional jobs to the area and recruiting other complementary tenants will also bring in high-paying professional jobs. In addition to basic improvements, the structure will also be “wired” to accommodate improvements that will include the construction of a green roof and installation of renewable energy sources such as solar panels and micro wind turbines.

    “The presence of the professional jobs and redevelopment of this structure will provide a significant contribution to the revitalization of this area,” said Kara Wood, City of Grand Rapids Economic Development Director. “This investment will also continue revitalization of this neighborhood and provide a redevelopment showcase for urban revitalization and sustainable design.”

    “As a design and construction firm, True North is committed to sustainable development which balances the interests of people, profit and planet. Envisioning a new life for an obsolete building is the ultimate expression of sustainable development. We’re delighted that the Grand Rapids Brownfield Authority shares our vision for 607 Dewey,” said Dan Henrickson, True North, CEO.

    This is the first step in the approval process. The next step is for the City Commission to hold a public hearing on the brownfield plan amendment, consideration of a Renaissance Zone Extension and that will ultimately require approval by the City Commission, consent from the County and approval by the Michigan Strategic Fund Board.