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    Cape Sealing

    This list contains most cape seal projects for the 2017 construction season. These projects are administered by the City's Public Services Department and there are no scheduled start or end dates, but residents will receive notification at least 24 hours in advance.

    Cape sealing (also known as seal coat and microsurfacing) is a treatment that places a new surface over an existing asphalt street to preserve the street. The treatment is completed in three phases:
    1. City crews patch potholes and repair distressed or damaged areas of the street and then sweep the entire street. 
    2. Contractors will apply an asphalt and stone chip microsurface, known as chip seal. This typically takes one day. The chip seal is then allowed to sit for one to two weeks to cure and harden. During this time the street may be driven on at low speeds.
    3. The street will be swept and a final layer is applied to seal the stones and provide a smooth surface. This typically takes one day. Residents are asked not to drive on the new material until it has dried and hardened, which can take several hours and is dependent on weather.
    Prior to the start of steps 2 and 3, the contractor is required to notify residents and place no parking signs along the street a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

    2017 Cape Seal Projects
    Cape seal projects are set to occur July-August 2017.
    • Almont (Walsh to Nevada)
    • Baldwin (Diamond to Fitzhugh)
    • Bates (Dolbee to Fuller)
    • Blaine (North Ottilia to Burton)
    • Burke (Malta to Short)
    • Burke (Maybelle to Carrier Creek)
    • Dickinson (Buchanan to Division)
    • Elizabeth (Leonard to South Dead End)
    • Feakin (Griggs to Brown)
    • First (Broadway to Turner)
    • Hall (Grandville to US-131) - this is a Kent County Road Commission project.
    • Hamilton (Leonard to Eleventh)
    • Hermitage (Diamond to Fuller)
    • Kirkshire (E. of Kirkshire to Dead End)
    • Lake (Union to Carlton) - this is a Kent County Road Commission project.
    • Lyon (Diamond to Fuller)
    • Malta (Diamond to Fuller)
    • Marshall (Mulford to Alger)
    • Matilda (Coit to Prospect)
    • McReynolds (Ninth to Twelfth)
    • Mildred (Nevada to Alger)
    • Monroe (Leonard to Ann) - this is a Kent County Road Commission project.
    • Muskegon (Leonard to Eleventh)
    • Plymouth (Fulton to Michigan)
    • Plymouth (Norwalk to dead end)
    • Raymond (Walsh to Alger)
    • Walsh (Belfast to Raymond)
    • Woodside (Glendale to Crescent)


    Contact Informat​ion
    311 or 616-456-3000