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    Crack Sealing

    This list contains most crack seal projects for the 2017 construction season. These projects are administered by the City's Public Services Department and there are no scheduled start or end dates, but residents will receive notification at least 24 hours in advance.

    ​Crack sealing (also known as overbanding) is a process that involves placing a 3-inch wide seal over a visible crack in the road surface to keep as much water out of the subgrade as possible. Stress cracks can appear as soon as one year after a street is repaved, which is not unusual for the type of environment we experience in the Great Lakes region. This method does not provide any structural improvement to the pavement.​

    2017 Crack Sealing Projects
    This is not a complete list. Additional street segments will be added as the list is finalized and the 2017 construction season approaches.
    • 7th (west end to Bristol)
    • Division (28th to Burton)
    • Eastern (Franklin to Wealthy)
    • Garden (Division to Madison)
    • Ionia (Stevens to Hall)
    • LaGrave (Wealthy to Goodrich)
    • Mason (Monroe to Bond)
    • North (Hastings to Trowbridge)
    • Oakwood (Ann to Knapp)
    • Parkhurst (8th to Haines)
    • Pearl (Ottawa to Division)
    • Richwood (west end to Curwood)
    • Sheldon (Highland to Sycamore)
    • Sherman (Union to Giddings)
    • Sinclair (Hastings to north end)
    • Sincalir (south end to More)

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