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    Richmond Sidewalk
    Richmond (Maplerow to Mullins and Pheasant to Acacia) Sidewalk Installation and Richmond (Elmridge to Acacia) Storm Sewer Installation
    Pending Construction
    Project Update
    The contractor will not complete the sidewalk east of Elmridge this year as previously planned.  The contractor built 300 feet east of Elmridge, but will discontinue work over the winter. Work will resume in the spring. 

    Our contractor is ahead of schedule. The Elmridge to Acacia sidewalk and storm sewer installation is tentatively scheduled to begin Monday, October 30. 

    Construction Schedule
    October 2017 – July 2018

    The project will:
    • install sidewalk on the north side of Richmond from Maplerow to Mullins (City of Walker) and Pheasant to Acacia (City of Grand Rapids) to fill in gaps in the sidewalk network to provide transportation choices for people.
    • upgrade the existing sidewalk ramps to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act on the northwest corner of the Maplerow-Richmond intersection and the southwest corner of the Richmond-Acacia intersection.
    • install storm sewer on Richmond at various locations throughout the project to accommodate the sidewalk installation.​
    Construction Information
    Driveway Approaches and Sidewalks
    • The project will install sidewalk across driveways.
    • The project will reconstruct some of the driveways in an effort to better match sidewalk grades. This work will primarily impact the drive approach, which is the driveway area between the street and the sidewalk, but an occasional driveway may need further reconstruction to keep slopes as low as possible.
    • When work impacts driveways, residents may not have access to their driveways for 5-7 days while the work is completed and the concrete cures. The contractor will coordinate with those affected in advance and may install temporary gravel driveways to provide access during construction.
    • Retaining walls will also be constructed within the street right-of-way where necessary.
    Storm Sewer
    In some locations at various locations throughout the project, new storm sewer will be added and culverts will be replaced.

    Grass and Trees
    • Sidewalk and drive approach work may disturb the parkway (the area between curb and sidewalk) or yard. Should thishappen, the area will be restored with grass.
    • Property owners should remove plants, landscaping, etc. they want to save prior to the start of construction.
    • Property owners who have a sprinkler system are asked to mark their sprinkler heads with flags, sticks, or spray paint. Sprinklers that are broken during construction will be repaired.
    • The Cities will clear overhanging vegetation that may impede the sidewalk installation. This work will be minimal.
    Traffic impacts will be minimal, but when lane closures are necessary, a flag person will direct traffic.
    Engagement History
    Construction Preparation Meeting
    09-19-17 at 6:00 p.m.
    City of Walker Commission Chambers
    4243 Remembrance Road
    Walker, MI 49534

    Co​ntact Information
    311 or 616-456-3000

    After Hours 
    Emergency Number