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    ​Sh​eldon and Fulton
    Pending Construction

    Construction Schedule
    Some underground and traffic signal work will be done this year with the remainder of the work completed in 2018.

    Next year, road construction on Sheldon from Weston to Fulton will change Sheldon south of Fulton from one-way to two-way. With this change comes the need to reconfigure the Sheldon and Fulton intersection for safety reasons. 

    The new intersection configuration will:
    • ​create pedestrian islands and curb extensions to lessen the street crossing distance for people walking.
    • change Sheldon north of Fulton to be right turn only at the intersection. 
    • allow right turns only for northbound Sheldon south of Fulton at the intersection.

    Business Guide
    As we work to improve the street, we understand that businesses are sensitive to construction. For this reason, we’ve created a guide containing tips and tricks for businesses during construction. Please find it at

    Engagement History
    Intersection Informational Meeting
    Monday, May 8, 2017 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
    ArtPrize HUB
    41 Sheldon Boulevard SE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49305

    Contact Infor​mation
    311 or 616-456-3000