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    ​Temporary Paving

    This list contains most road maintenance projects for the 2017 construction season. These projects are administered by the City's Public Services Department and there are no scheduled start or end dates, but residents will receive notification at least 24 hours in advance.

    Temporary paving (also known as wedging or hot asphalt overlay) involves placing hot asphalt over badly fatigued areas that are failing and prone to potholes, over only the driving lanes, or over the entire street. 
    1. Crews will patch any potholes.
    2. Manhole covers are adjusted to be level with the road.
    3. Hot asphalt material is placed over badly fatigued areas, over the driving lanes, or over the entire road.
    This application is intended to limit pothole development and hold the road together until more significant work can be completed. When applied curb to curb, temporary paving can hold a street together for approximately 7 to 10 years.

    2017 Temporary Paving Projects:
    This is not a complete list. Additional street segments may be added as the 2017 construction season continues.

    • Alexander (Giddings to east City limits)
    • Alger (Ridgecroft to Woodcliff)
    • Alto (Hall to Noble)
    • Argus (Heathcliffe to Parkridge)
    • Auburn (Evangeline to Lyon)
    • B (Grandville to Oakland)
    • Beckwith View (Ridgefield to North City Line)
    • Bekius Ct (Grandville to Dead End)
    • Benjamin (Hall to Alexander)
    • Birch (Nordberg to Winona)
    • Bissell (College to Union)
    • Cadillac (Hall to Seminole)
    • Calvin (Boston to Adams)
    • Capilano (Barfield to Woodlawn)
    • Carpenter (Leonard to Seventh)
    • Cayuga (Ball Park to Scott)
    • Charring Cross (Camelot to Rowland)
    • Chippewa (Hall to Franklin)
    • Clancy (Hastings to Trowbridge)
    • Clancy (Creston Plaza to Leonard)
    • Clancy (Cedar to Matilda)
    • Coate (Grandville to Dead End)
    • Colorodo (Adams to Hall)
    • Cordelia (Grandville to Century)
    • Corinne (Feakin to Dead End)
    • Crawford (Madison to Paris)
    • Crofton (Clyde Park to Century)
    • Cutler (Buchanan to Division)
    • Dewberry Pl (Beckwith to East City Line)
    • Dickinson (Division to Francis)
    • Ducoma (Oakleigh to Blythe)
    • E (Hall to Curve)
    • E. Chippewa (W. Chippewa to Hall)
    • Ethel (Wealthy to Dunham)
    • Fairbanks (Ottawa to Ionia)
    • Fairbanks (Coit to Lafayette)
    • Fisk (Giddings to east City limits)
    • Fountain (Diamond to Fuller)
    • Frederick (Leonard to Crosby)
    • Fremont (Arrianna to Myrtle)
    • Fremont (5th to Walker)
    • Frontage (Market to City limits)
    • Fuller (Boston to Adams)
    • Garfield (Fulton to Veto)
    • Garfield (Jackson to Bridge)
    • Giddings (Franklin to Hall)
    • Giddings (Boston to Burton)
    • Gill (Barnett to Leonard)
    • Godwin (Griggs to Dickinson)
    • Gold (Sibley to Jackson)
    • Hamilton (Myrtle to Webster)
    • Hastings (Livingston to Coit)
    • Hogan (Clyde Park to Century)
    • Hollister (Cherry to Fairmount)
    • Horton (Brown to Crofton)
    • Ionia (Cutler to Burton)
    • Iroquois (Hall to Pontiac)
    • Iroquois (Pontiac to Franklin)
    • Jackson (Valley to Garfield)
    • Jennette (12th to Leonard)
    • Lake Michigan Dr (Fulton to John Ball Park Dr)
    • Lane (Fulton to Bridge)
    • Laurel (Boston to Heather)
    • Liberty (Godfrey to Grandville)
    • Logan (Henry to Charles)
    • Lyon (Diamond to Eastern)
    • Marion (Jackson to Bridge)
    • Martha (Underhill to Godfrey)
    • Meadowbrook (Woodlawn to Ridgewood)
    • Merrifield (Eastern to Blaine)
    • Mt Vernon (Bridge to US-131 Off Ramp)
    • Muskegon (Leonard to Crosby)
    • National (Fulton to Sibley)
    • Noble (Fuller to Underwood)
    • Northrup (7th to South Dead End)
    • Oakes (Sheldon to LaGrave)
    • Oakes (Division to Sheldon)
    • Oswego (Lk. Michigan Dr. to Fulton)
    • Oswego (Fuller to Graham)
    • Paris (Hubert to Leonard)
    • Patton (Walker to Bristol)
    • Philadelphia (Adams to Hall)
    • Plymouth (44th to Langley)
    • Quarry (Leonard to Crosby)
    • Richards (Fulton to Lake Michigan Dr)
    • Ridgefield (Beckwith to Beckwith View)
    • Roosevelt (Crofton to Vries)
    • Rowland (Burton to Charring Cross)
    • Seminole (Cadillac to City limits)
    • Stahl (East Paris to West Dead End)
    • Sweet (Fairlane to Diamond)
    • Sylvia (Jennette to Alpine)
    • Tulip (Grandville to West Dead End)
    • Twin Lakes (Bradford to Michigan)
    • Underwood (Noble to Hall)
    • Union (Oakdale to Adams)
    • W. Chippewa (Seminole to Hall)
    • Woodrow (Walker to Bristol)