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    City of Grand Rapids Road Construction
     City Engineering Department and Public Services Department Projects 
    Maintaining, Rehabilitating, and Reconstructing Grand Rapids' Street Infrastructure
    All street segments listed below are pending or under construction. Additional street segments will be added as the 2017 construction season approaches. To view details, click on the road segment to visit the project page.
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    Alexander (Giddings to east City limits)
    Almont (Walsh to Nevada)
    Amberly (Springdale to Amberly Court)
    Argus (Heathcliffe to Parkridge)​
    Dorchester (Hall to Oxford)
    Ducoma (Oakleigh to Blythe)

    Kentridge (Chamberlain to Wilton)
    Kimball (Norman to Langley)
    Ottawa Hills Street Lighting
    Ottillia (Eastern to N and S Ottillia)
    Rowland (Burton to Charring Cross)
    Scribner (under I-196)​

    Can't find the road you are looking for?  
    Utility repairs, watermain breaks, special events, private development, and more can also lead to road closures.  
    For help identifying and to learn more about a closure, call the City's Customer Service Center by dialing 311 or 616-456-3000. They will help guide your call. 

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    Contact Information for Road Construction Projects
    311 or 616-456-3000