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    Overall Progress:

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    houses completed

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    The FDD Program is designed and initiated as a Community Solution to a Community Problem. The FDD Program is a greener, less expensive and more effective solution than all other alternatives proposed. If you choose not to participate in the FDD Program when your neighborhood is selected for disconnection, you will be required to pay the costs of treating the stormwater and groundwater entering into the system from your home.

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    Yellow - Inspection Pending

    Red - Disconnection Pending

    Blue - No Disconnection Needed

    Green - Disconnection Completed


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     FDDP Update


    All of the homes in the East Leonard Heights and Maryland Estates target areas should have received their information packets from the City.

    If you have not received information regarding the Footing Drain Disconnection Program or have any questions or concerns please contact the Environmental Services Department at (616)456-3625.

    If the FDDP work has been completed in your home please, return the postage paid postcard ranking the work of the contractor. 

    Final letters to those properties in the East Leonard Heights Area that have not participated in the program are scheduled to be mailed on January 1st. 

    Letters will detail the charges to be imposed for not participating.

    OVERVIEW - The homes that have had groundwater redirected to the stormwater system in the East Leonard Heights area equates to 18,170,092 gallons being kept out of the sanitary sewers annually. The waters redirected from the Maryland Estates Area into the stormwater system is presently at 6,756,388 gallons.  

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