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    What is a catch basin? Catch basins are storm sewer inlets that are designed to collect water during storm events and are the first step in stormwater drainage systems. Storm sewer systems are designed to move water from developed areas as quick as possible during storms. When storms occur, water and anything else on the street enters the storm sewer system through the catch basins. Pet waste, oil, litter, leaves, etc. carried into the storm sewer system is discharged directly into our streams and rivers.  

    What do catch basins do? Catch basins are generally located next to street curbs or in rear yards of residential areas. They filter out debris such as leaves and litter. The grids located on top the catch basins are small enough to prevent large objects from entering into the storm sewer system, but large enough to ensure that the flow of water is not blocked.

    What can I do to help? Now that you have read "What is a catch basin?" and "What do catch basins do?" - I am sure that you realize how important they are! They are the gateways to our stormwater infrastructure and each and every one of them would like nothing more than to be adopted. To learn more, select the "Basin Buddy Program" tab above.

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     Stormwater Events​​​​​​

    MAP INFORMATION: If you type in an address (include City and State) next to the magnifying glass that is located at the top of the map - then press your enter key - the map will focus in on the area you entered. If you select a symbol on the map - you will be given some of the physical characteristics of the infrastructure such as the date it was created, material it is made of, size, etc.
    A green circle represents a stormwater manhole.
    A turquoise triangle represents a catch basin available for adoption - A fuchsia circle represents a basin that is being cared for and is not presently available for adoption.
    A green slice of pie shaped figure with a "!" in the center of it, is an outfall or discharge point of the stormwater system to a body of water - such as a river or creek.
    Green lines represent stormwater piping.

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