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    The Tax Laws Questions? Answers!
    How can unpaid water/sewer bills become a delinquent tax?
    Unpaid water and sewer bills are certified as liens in November and turned over to the tax collecting authority for collection on March 1.  Once turned over to the tax authority, what was once an unpaid water/sewer bill becomes a delinquent tax.
    What happens after the water/sewer bill is forwarded to the tax authority for collection?
    An administrative fee of 4% and interest of 1% per month are added.  After one year, the property is forfeited to the tax authority.  For example 2013 taxes still unpaid as of March 1, 2015 will be in forfeiture.
    If I do not pay my taxes, will I really lose my house and property?
    Yes, if your taxes are delinquent for two years, you will lose your house and property.
    What does it mean for my property to be in forfeiture?  Does it mean I lose my property?
    No, not yet.  Forfeiture is not foreclosure.  If your property is in forfeiture, you still have one year before it is foreclosed.  However, the interest and fees will be substantially higher.  When a property is forfeited, the interest rate goes from 1% per month to 1.5% per month retroactive to the date it first became delinquent.  A $175 processing fee is also added.
    What happens after my property is in forfeiture?
    After a property has been in forfeiture for one year and is still unpaid, it will be foreclosed.  For example, 2013 property taxes will be foreclosed in March 2016.
    What happens after my property is foreclosed?  How can I get it back?
    You cannot get your property back after it has been foreclosed.  Foreclosure is final.  Property that has been foreclosed will be sold at public auction.
    How do I know if my water bill has been turned over to the tax authority and is now a delinquent tax?
    In addition to the past due notices, the customer service will notify you that the bill has been certified for lien placement.  If the add-to-tax balance is not paid, it will be turned over to the tax authority to be placed on the property tax rolls.
    What if I already have a water/sewer bill that has been turned over to the tax authority and is now an unpaid property tax?
    Contact your tax authority immediately to find out the status of your property.  You may be able to make partial payments depending on how long you have been delinquent.  Do not wait!  You may have to pay as many as three years of delinquent taxes at one time to keep you property.