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I never got to speak to a customer service rep.  I listened to a recorded message which clearly covered the responsibilty of any mistaked made to be the fault of the listener.  This is SO rude and non business like.  How can you ask a paying customer to "call back".?  How busy are you or under staffed that you cannot provide a respectful answer in person to a request to make payment.  Your new system is less than adequate and bespeakes poorly for the second largest city in Michigan.   My email if you wish to contact me:   Judy Kamarainen
I have been trying to contact someone for many days, no one returns my messages!
Phone2/21/2012NeutralDissatisfiedSomewhat DissatisfiedMostly SatisfiedNo
Issue still not resolved, and have not been able to get any call back's, All  I get is voice mails to different staff.
I am completely dissatisfied with the service we have received from the water department. Once our water main breaks and we pay to get it fixed, the city of walker knocks our water box over so our water can not be turned on before city of gr comes back out to reding the hole for the four time.

What a big waste of tax payers dollars because the two departments can not work together to do a job right the first time. And this happens between the two departments all the time is what we have been told, then someone should do a much better job of communication at the city levels. Stop wasting tax payer dollars and get it right the first time. Still four days later and no running water. Poor service and lack of communication with customer since you said you would of been here yesterday!
My problem isn't with the person on the phone (this time).  My problem is with a $30 NSF charge (which I understand), but it's with another $55 administrative fee I was assessed.  I have been an EZ Pay customer for years.  I previously had the charges withdrawn from my savings account.  But now I keep the bulk of my money in my checking account.  I didn't get the paperwork to you in time to switch the EZ Pay withdrawal to my checking account - thus the NSF charge.  I then promptly paid the water bill on-line.  However, you still charged me ANOTHER $55 as an "administrative fee."

In this day and age, with the state of the economy the way it is, the Federal and State government are doing what they can to help it's citizens; it shows me that the City of Grand Rapids is not following suit.  I, myself, am not destitute. However, a lot of the residents of GR actually ARE destitute, but you tack on $55 for a payment that is a few days late.  That is thoughtless, inconsiderate, uncaring, not to mention selfish on your part.  I hope the City uses MY $55 to fix one of the abundant potholes that ruin our tires.  :-(
Phone4/3/2012NeutralSomewhat DissatisfiedNeutralMostly SatisfiedYes
Two hours ago, after waiting as the fifth caller, I spoke with a Customer Service Representative about starting service.  She was supposed to send an application by Email.  I has not been received.  I want to have service turned on next Monday, April 9th.
It took over 2 months to obtain billing histories that I called on sent by fax and email.
Phone5/21/2012Somewhat dissatisfiedSomewhat DissatisfiedSomewhat DissatisfiedNeutralYes
The new form that landlords and tenants must fill out is totally inconvenient!  The utility companies don't require so much crap to sign up for service.
I have to waste my day waiting for an AM appointment that goes from 8-11:30. I have more important things to do than to set around all morning waiting for someone to show up. You should give a time and hold to it, not have a customer wait 1/2 for someone to show up. I had to put 1/2 my day on hold waiting for this appointment which I did not want to begin with.
This is poor customer service. Tell me you will be here at a specific time and ne on time.
I want an appointment with the manager to discuss this further. I will be there Thursday AM 8-11:30. I expect that person to set in the office and wait for me.
Barry Watson
Phone5/23/2012DissatisfiedNeutralSomewhat DissatisfiedDissatisfiedNo
I was laid-off and just started a new job. I called to see if there was anything I could do about making payments. She said I had no options and was going to be disconnected any time. I begged her becasue I have my 92 yr old Grandma staying with me. My bill is $140.00 she said I have to pay the full thing. So now we are just waiting to see how long we have... I am looking for a house outside of the Grand Rapids area now. I never had this problem with Wyoming, they are so easy to work with.
I just paid my sewer only bill for $132.  I asked how they calculate the rate as my neighbor larger house more bathrooms who use both sewer and water just got a $179 bill.  The person I spoke to said everyone pays the same nothing you can do about it.  Not helpful , not friendly and I still dont believe that I use $132 worth of sewer service with only 1 1/2 baths.  It does not make sense, but perhaps  makes lots of cents for the city of grand rapids
Phone8/17/2012NeutralNeutralMostly SatisfiedVery SatisfiedNo
paying online requires an email address. there is no reason for this. when finished paying you are given a confirmation number and the option of printing it. Giving Chase bank my email is an invasion of privacy. Also, the online bill pay should show the monthly option.
Phone9/27/2012Somewhat dissatisfiedMostly SatisfiedSomewhat DissatisfiedDissatisfiedNo
I feel that any time I call with questions regarding my water/sewage bill, I am spoken to in a very disrespectful manner.  The explanations to my questions are not direct or easy to follow (answers are given in a round about manner) and when I ask for clarification, I get a air of exasperation from the customer service representative and get spoken to like I am un-intellegent because I did not understand the way the response was given to me.  I end up getting off the phone with more questions than answers and no resolution to my inquiry.  I do not like to call or go into the office because I do not feel that I am treated with respect by the staff and feel that I am treated like my inquiry is an interruption to something 'better' the representative has to do with their time.
What i am extremly dissatisfied with is the poor system you have in place that handles rental properties. I had my rental at 2508 Hufford vacant for one month and the bill i received for this period charged me more than what i pay where I currently live with a familiy of 4 and with me getting my sprinklers on 2x a day. This is absolutely insane and what i am told is that if I want an accurate reading, i MUST pay $35 for someone to come and read it when I change service to my name and another $35 when I change service to my future tenants name and that the city will not accept my own reading. ABSOLUTELY INSANE! One thing for sure.... no more investments in the poorly managed City of GR from my family!