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    EZ Pay makes it Easy!

    The Grand Rapids Water System invites you to select the easy way to pay your water/sewer bill with EZ Pay. Your participating bank, savings and loan or credit union can pay your water/sewer bill by deducting the amount due automatically from your checking or savings account.

    Save on writing checks, stamps, envelopes and potential late fees. Simply fill out the EZ Pay Enrollment form (PDF) and leave your water/sewer payments to EZ Pay! 

    NOTE: EZ Pay is ONLY available as a Quarterly Payment Option.

    • Is it safe and secure?

      Yes, both the City of Grand Rapids and our financial institution are required to keep your banking information confidential.

    • Will I still receive a bill?

      Yes, you will simply no longer need to write a check to make your payment. The payment will be automatically deducted on the due date as indicated on your bill.

    • What if I don't agree with the amount charged?

      Contact Customer Service at 456-3200 as you normally would with a billing question. You will need to contact us within 10 days of the billing date to allow time to resolve concerns before the payment due date.

    • Once I send in this form will my next bill be paid automatically?

      NOT NECESSARILY. You will need to allow 30 days for your enrollment to be processed. Continue to pay as you normally would until your bill shows that you have been signed up for automatic payment.

    • What if I change banks or accounts?

      You will need to submit a new enrollment form. Contact Water Customer Service at 456-3200 and we will send one to you. Or print the EZ Pay Change or Termination form (PDF) from our website.

    • What if my payment is returned by the bank?

      Payments may be returned by a financial institution for insufficient funds, closed accounts or other reasons. If your payment is returned for any reason you will be charged a processing fee. The City reserves the right to discontinue your participation in the program if your payment is rejected more than once in a six month period. Your financial institution may also charge fees for rejected payments.

    • How do I stop participating in the program?

      Cancellations must be received in writing. Simply call Water Customer Service at the number printed on your bill and we will send you a termination form. Or, print the EZ Pay Change or Termination form (PDF) from our website. Your request will become effective 30 days after we receive written notification.