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    Adopt-A-Hydrant Program
    Grand Rapids’ Water System and Fire Department maintain more than 13,129 hydrants system-wide.  Fire Department emergency response improves when hydrants are clear of snow and ice.  The City's Adopt-a-Hydrant program leverages  volunteers to keep hydrants clear of snow and vegetation.  Volunteers are especially important after a big snowstorm. Volunteers  make it easier for firefighters to find nearby hydrants in an emergency. 
    Individuals, families, businesses, and community organizations are all encouraged to adopt a hydrant.  Make a difference and help ensure safety in your neighborhood!
    If you notice that a hydrant is damaged, leaking, or hidden from view, please contact Grand Rapids Customer Service by calling Call 311. Those who are unable to dial 311 or live outside the city limits of Grand Rapids can call 616-456-3000.
    Hydrant Heroes
    Grand Rapids appreciates the many members of our community who already maintain hydrants in their neighborhood and encourage everyone to participate.  Please take a few minutes to fill out the online adoption form and make the hydrant near you an official member of your family.




                         How do I sign up?

    1. Click on the map to get your Hydrant ID Number
    2. Complete a Hydrant Adoption form
    3. Look after your Adopted Hydrant 
    How does the Adopt-A-Hydrant Program work?
    Using the City’s Adopt-a-Hydrant website map, volunteers locate the fire hydrant that they wish to “adopt”, select it on the map, and then complete and submit the form.  Registered hydrant adopters will receive an email message confirmation with an adoption certificate and a code for mygrcitypoints. 
    Get MyGRcity Points for volunteering!
    The confirmation will include a mygrcitypoints code, which may be redeemed by registered users at the mygrcitypoints web site.  New users may register any time. Points can be redeemed for some cool stuff in and around Grand Rapids.

    Form to adopt one to ten specific hydrants
    Form for community groups to
    adopt ten or more hydrants
         Include a Fire Station tour!
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