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    It is the desire of the City of Grand Rapids to encourage public improvements within
    the City limits through use of the special assessment procedure set out in Chapter 10 of
    the City Code and as defined herein. 
    If you believe that the charge is either in error or not valid you may file a written appeal with the Assessor’s Office. The appeal form is available in the Assessor’s Office which is located on the 3rd floor of City Hall, 300 Monroe Avenue, NW. Appeal forms are also available on the City’s website at during the designated appeal time.
    Written appeals must be received in the City Assessor’s Office by 5:00pm on the date specified in the Notice of Special Assessment letter. There is also an opportunity to make an in-person appeal to the City Commission who sits as the Board of Review for special assessment appeals.  Owners who have not previously filed a written appeal with the City Assessor’s Office will be required to file a completed appeal form prior to the close of the Board of Review hearing.
    The special assessment Board of Review hearing is typically scheduled to occur during a specific regularly scheduled 7:00pm City Commission meeting which is held at City Hall.  Please refer to your Notice of Special Assessment letter for the specific date, time, and location of the Board of Review hearing (there is free parking in the Government Center Ramp for this hearing).
    All appeals are reviewed by the City Assessor’s Office and the City Attorney’s Office.  Decisions made by the City Assessor’s Office and City Attorney’s Office are presented as recommendations to the City Commission. 
    Written notice of the City’s decision will be mailed to each owner who filed an appeal.