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    Our office is located at 300 Monroe NW, Grand Rapids, MI, in the City Hall Building on Calder Plaza, Third Floor. Phone: 616-456-3415. Hours: 8:00am – 5:00 p.m Monday through Friday.

    A balance usually does not need to be paid in full, but to pay off a balance owed, call our office for the current total amount. To avoid court action we ask that all balances are paid in full within one year with a payment being made every thirty days.  Penalty and interest increase on the tax due not the tax total.

     We accept income tax payments in a number of ways: 


    o Telephone – Make a payment by phone using a credit card. This is a service provided to the City by Official Payments, there is a 3% fee. The phone number is 1-877-495-0333. 
    o Web – Make a payment with a credit card by using the website This is a service provided to the City by Official Payments, there is a 3% fee.
    o Fax – Fax your credit card information to our department using the Grand Rapids City Treasurer Fax Credit Card Payment Advice form. Complete and sign the form and fax it back (fax: 616-456-4540);  There is a fee of 3% ($1.50 minimum) for making a credit card payment by fax.
    o In Person Credit card fees –  Debit - fee is $1.50 under $60
                                                      Debit and Credit- fee is 2.5% ($1.50 minimum)
    Direct Withdrawal from Checking or Savings account  c
    There is no charge to use a Checking or Savings account to make a payment.saccount.
    o Fax Fax your checking or savings account information to 616-456-4540 using the Fax Credit Card Payment Advice form. The form can also be faxed or emailed to you upon request.
    o Email – Make a payment using your checking or savings account by emailing your complete name, daytime telephone number, bank routing number, bank account number, name of the financial institution, the type of account, amount to be paid, and date the payment is to be processed (withdrawn) to
    o Automatic monthly withdrawal - fill out the automatic withdrawal form and fax to 616-456-4540 or email to
    Check and Money Order
    o By Mail – Make checks payable to the “Grand Rapids City Treasurer.” Write your social security number or federal identification number (or Grand Rapids income tax account number) on the check and write the type of tax that you are paying: Never send a check or money order without some form of documentation. Mail to Grand Rapids Income Tax, PO Box 347, Grand Rapids, MI 49501.
    o In Person – Payments by check or money order are always welcomed.
    Cash Payments are payable only in person DO NOT MAIL CASH
    Bench Warrant payments made before a guilty plea or verdict may be paid in person or by mail. But the payment may only be made by cash, money order, or certified check. Do not mail cash.
    Bench Warrant payments for tax liabilities that are under a guilty plea or verdict are payable only through the 61st District Court. Contact: 616-632-5525 or pay online: