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    Effective August 31, 2017, the City of Grand Rapids will not be charging convenience fees on most transactions.  A 2.98% convenience fee is assessed when paying income and property taxes using a credit card.  This does not apply to phone system (IVR) transactions.

    City Bill Types:


    ·        Property Taxes – Summer and Winter

    ·        Water/Sewer Bills

    ·        Parking Tickets

    ·        Refuse Cart Payments

    Payment Options: 

    ·        NEW! grpayit – Use grpayit on the web to pay your water bill, add money to your refuse/waste services account, pay a parking ticket, or pay your property taxes. You can use a direct bank account debit or a credit card.  The City accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  Go to to make payments on your computer or mobile phone today!

    ·       Phone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System – Payments via telephone call are acceptable.  This option is available for refuse/waste services payments if you call (866) 261-5022.  There are no processing fees for refuse/waste services payments made over the phone.  A company called Datatel manages payments made using this number.  For other services, you can make payments by calling the toll free number (877) 495-0333.  A 3% processing fee applies to each transaction made using this number.  Official Payments Corporation manages this payment channel.

    ·        USPS Mail – Checks and money orders are acceptable for payment.  Please write the account, parcel, or invoice number in the memo line.  Include any payment stubs provided with the bill.  Use the return envelope provided if possible.  DO NOT SEND CASH.

    ·        Drop Box – There is a payment drop box at 300 Ottawa Avenue NW and convenient for drive up use.  It is on the east side of Ottawa and in front of Chase Bank.  The drop box is tan and marked “City of Grand Rapids/City Payments”.  Checks and money orders are acceptable. Please write the account, parcel, or invoice number in the memo line.  Include any payment stubs provided with the bill.  Use the return envelope if possible.  DO NOT USE CASH.

    ·        In Person – The City accepts payments at City Hall.  The Customer Service Storefront accepts water, refuse, parking tickets, and property tax payments.  We only collect a 2.98% processing fee for property tax payments made at the storefront.  All other payments made at the storefront have no processing fees.  The 2nd floor Treasurer’s office accepts all payments.  The City Hall address is 300 Monroe Ave NW.  Parking is available in the Government Center ramp, which is underneath the building.  The City offers 30 minutes of fre parking for citizens paying bills.  Our office hours are 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday (except holidays).

    Other Bill Types:

    Note:  USPS, Drop Box, and In Person options are the same as those listed above.  Click the BILL TYPE listed below to link to the internet lookup and payment option.

    · – Housing Rehabilitation and Lead Pipe Loans

    · – Code Compliance, Housing Inspections, and Nuisance Fees

    ·        Miscellaneous Receivables​ – parcel related invoices, parking validations, etc.

    ·        Accounts Receivable – (877) 495-0333 IVR payment channel​​​​​